Dust and Void

The last remnants of humanity reside on Cathedral, a space-faring city, on its centuries-long mission to find a new home. Ship Captains explore the depths of space, looking for resources, avoiding dangers, and balancing work, well-being and worship to make a name for themselves and build a legacy.

Roll the dice and assign them to actions:

  • Scan Space for Resources
  • Move through space, not knowing what you might find in un-scanned sectors
  • upgrade your ship, it has to last for centuries
  • will you take advantage of downtime, or overwork yourself and your crew?

Resolve your choices:

  • Run into the hazards or unexplored space and possible damage your ship
  • find alien vessels, first contact in deep space
  • mine resources to keep humanity alive
  • find strength and resolve in worship

Return with your precious resources and information, will you be assigned another duty, or be the talk of all the captains?

Kuiper Kowboys is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology.