Dice & Ink: Vol I has funded!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few days since our Kickstarter campaign for Dice & Ink: Volume I funded. We needed to catch our breath for a day or two, have a weekend, and to collect ourselves for all of the work still left for us.

First off, we (Odin and Joey) would like to thank you for your amazing support during the campaign. We were overwhelmed by the level of support, especially in the final hours. We could not imagine how the community would come together and come through for us to get our project funded. We managed to raise $15.805 with the help of 611 backers.

So, what is next? We currently have the second batch of rule books at our editor, Calvin Wong Tze-Loon. The five rule books that we have shown during our campaign need a few final tweaks, mainly to add in a nice story where we have space. The final batch of rule books is being pre-edited as we speak.

The sheets for the games are getting either a final look-over, or are in the process of layout and artwork. We’re in talks with a graphic designer/illustrator who can give two of our games a treatment we would not be able to do otherwise, so that is exciting! We’d love to let you know more when we can. We will also be running a few more iterations on our cover.

Once all that is done, and we have made low-ink versions to include in the print-and-play files, it is time to send it all off to our printer. We expect all of that to go smoothly, as all of the scares with the US potentially leaving the postal union have been resolved.

If you have missed our campaign, or were unable to back as we could only accept credit cards during the campaign, we have opened a page for pre-orders! We accept credit cards as well as PayPal for pre-orders. This page will be up for a limited time; once the files are ready for print, we will be ending pre-orders. The reason for this is so we can ensure that we do not accidentally sell more books than we have set out to print. After fulfillment of the project, we’ll see what we have left for sale.

Again, thank you for all your support, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress on Dice & Ink: Volume I.

-Joey Schouten, developer

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