Failure to Launch

Howdy folks. I’m sure you’ve noticed we missed our announced launch date. While the games are fantastic, the product as a whole is hard to show to folks, because we don’t have a physical copy yet, and so cannot share images of it. Thanks to a ton of great feedback by the community as a whole, we decided to hold off the launch due to the KS page really not showcasing the fantastic collection Dice & Ink is. With showcasing that in mind, we’re getting a prototype printed up, and getting more images of the games for the page, so that the visuals draw more folks in, among a myriad of other things to boost the look and feel.of the page. We anticipate later launching in September, but hesitate to give an exact date give how many parts are currently moving.

We are extremely grateful for your support, patience, willingness to give what might be tough feedback to both provide and hear, and for your continued enthusiasm for the project. The community is what makes games worth creating and we are blessed by a really fantastic one.

Thanks a million!

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