Designer Spotlight: Alexander Shen

Alexander Shen works as a Senior Technical Program Manager at one of those silicon valley companies where you have to circle around the parking lot for a space if you show up just a tad too late. In the more interesting parts of the day, he spends his time as an illustrator (IG: @shenbotdraws), maker (IG: @thealexandershen), and average children’s book author (IG: @sadiecatandmao).

Alexander is a father of two boys, two cats, one dog, one gecko, and four fish. His favorite food is fried chicken, but only eats it on his birthday and Wrestlemania.

Alexander is working on Islands of Atlantis:

This blue planet has been born and the power of its

core surges through the gods. This energy ebbs and

flows like the waves that race across the surface. It is

our responsibility to raise the lands from the sea and

to produce a complete world for us to inhabit.

All images copywright 2019 by Inkwell Games and Alexander Shen

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