Announcing a change

Hello Inkwellians,

Dice & Ink, a Roll-and-Write anthology, is perhaps the

largest and most ambitious project in the genre right

now. With nearly twenty games over two volumes,

we have decided to give each of these two volumes

their own time in the spotlight, instead of one big

Kickstarter for both volumes, each volume will get their

own Kickstarter campaign.

The first volume, with 10 games by 11 designers, will be

on Kickstarter on August 27th 2019.

We’ve already announced half of the games Volume I

Deliver goods across a frozen sea in

Icey Dice* by Ryan Hoye

Draw constellations and the stories they shape in

Celestials* by Grace Kendall,

Build a robot to win the science fair in

Scrapyard Rollbots* by Sarah and Will Reed,

Manage a logging village in

PenSylvania by Nat Levan,

And Dive for goods to sell and give to fellow players in

Little Island Gift Shops* by Toni Catino.

(*Working Title, titles are still subject to change)

Stay tuned for the rest of the games as we reveal them

in our weekly game and designer spotlights. The

second volume of Dice & Ink will be on Kickstarter in


We would like to thank you for your support so far,

and we can’t wait to make this project a reality with

your help.

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