Designer Spotlight: Chad Martinell

Chad is a senior traffic engineer by day and a consummate hobbyist by night. With a passion for new experiences he has raced radio control cars, attempted (once) to fly a radio control plane that he fixed using 3D printing that he dabbled in for a while, experimented with all the things in the kitchen including making chocolate from the cacao bean, has been into gaming since his first D&D books in grade school, and has pursued designing board games.

His first design was a paper mache roll and move that he and his friend Paul designed for their 8th grade history class. Another hobby took over his life for a while in the late 2000s and from that was borne his first “modern” board game design, themed around Geocaching. That game is still waiting for inspiration to finish.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, Chad became involved with the Seattle Tabletop Game Designers, a weekly game design group, and has since worked on many designs, new and old. Over the years he developed a passion for roll and write games and has dabbled in the creation of a few. Scorched Earth was his first and was the product of trying to come up with some new take on the roll and write genre. It is an area control game that builds as the game progresses and uses both roll and write and 4X mechanics. Scorched Earth is in it’s final design stages and Chad is looking to pitch it, or possibly Kickstart it himself sometime in the coming year.

When the call went out for the Dice and Ink project, Chad immediately responded with his then newest idea, a tower defense game in roll and write form. Over the past 8 months, Dicey Tower Defense has evolved from a complex, math-y game into a tight spatial puzzle.

Images Copywrite 2019 by Inkwell Games and Chad Martinell

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