Designer Spotlight: Ryan Hoye

Ryan began unofficially designing board games 7 years ago when a multimedia art project morphed into a simultaneous movement electronic board game based on Pac-Man. He has officially been doing game design for about 3 years as a creative outlet to balance out a relatively uncreative full-time job.

To help foster his design skills, Ryan joined the newly founded Kansas City Game Designers in January of 2016 where he has playtested other’s works and has taken in feedback on his own creations. In that time, he has worked on a handful of games including a deckbuilder/pick-up and deliver game, an area control party game, and a trick-taking game based on cartoon physics.

His latest game (and most nearly complete) is a solitaire deck management game about depression and aging called Homebound. Since October of 2018, his game for Dice & Ink has been his sole game design focus, and it’s been getting excellent and helpful feedback from his playtest sessions. Ryan has enjoyed the world he created for his Dice & Ink game and looks forward to seeing what else he can do with it.

Ryan is working on Icey Dice(working title)

Here is a sneak peak at a prototype playsheet!

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