Designer Spotlight: Sarah and Will Reed

Will and Sarah Reed are a husband and wife design team.

They started getting into board game design when Will

wanted to create a board game for Sarah’s birthday. Given

the fact he has a vision disability, it was a bit challenging

to get the project done by himself. So instead of giving up,

he decided it would be a lot of fun to have her involved in

the process.

That first game turned out to be a game called Scrapyard.

It was a roll and move, overly complicated game with no

clear ending, which never really got off the ground. A

number of designs and years later, along with some

published games under their belts, they were finally able

to revisit that original theme in Scrapyard Rollbot.

They even managed to work in the old name as a way

to pay homage to their roots.

When they’re not busy designing or playing tabletop

games, you can usually find them neck deep in their

other expensive hobby, LEGO! Together they’ve built

some massive sets. Truthfully, Will is the bigger fan of

LEGO while Sarah is the more avid board gamer, but they

both enjoy both hobbies. While you can often find

Sarah on a number of board game podcasts and across

social media, Will writes articles about LEGO on The

Brick Blogger and has been consulted by other journalists

on the subject. No matter how they build or play, they’re

always looking to fill their lives with creativity together.

Sarah and Will are working on Scrapyard Robots!

You are a young genius competing in you local science fair, with a robot made from parts you will find at the Scrapyard. Beware your nemesis, Rick, who is searching the same yard, trying to grab up all the good parts!

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